Introducing a comprehensive solution for Salesforce support

In a constantly changing world, maintaining your Salesforce implementation can be a daunting task. That’s why Accenture has established its Salesforce Center of Excellence in Heerlen. Here, a dedicated team of certified Salesforce experts is ready to help tackle any challenge you might encounter.


Many businesses struggle to maintain their Salesforce solutions on their own. Of course, this is hardly surprising. Salesforce is an extremely versatile system, but it is also complex. Supporting and maintaining a system like that requires both broad and deep knowledge. It’s difficult to concentrate that sort of technical expertise within your business and keep it there. Finding the right talent is hard. Hanging onto it is harder. Salesforce, after all, is very much a ‘hot skill’. Churn is a fact of life.

At the same time, many businesses won’t be able to consistently justify the costs of having one or more Salesforce support professionals on staff full-time. This presents a unique set of challenges: on the one hand, your business needs to have reliable access to skilled specialists who can help you navigate the complexities of your Salesforce implementation and offer support. On the other hand, it is all but impossible to do this cost-effectively in-house – especially for SMEs.

Fortunately, Accenture has the solution. Through our Salesforce Center of Excellence, part of our Innovation Center for Smart Services in Heerlen, we provide everything your business could possibly need to make the most of Salesforce.

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A better approach to Salesforce maintenance

Over the years, Accenture has maintained and supported a wide range of Salesforce implementations for an equally wide range of clients. This allowed us to build the expertise and deep knowledge necessary to set up our Center of Excellence, but it also showed us why that CoE was necessary in the first place.

Many Salesforce support providers rely on ad-hoc service models, especially where SMEs are concerned. In our experience, however, that approach leaves much to be desired, both in terms of service levels and continuity of quality. Establishing our Center of Excellence allows us to guarantee consistent quality across the board and offer all our clients dedicated service, essentially creating a better value proposition.

Salesforce support Center of Excellence - Man and woman meeting - by Accenture

Facilitating transitions to Lightning Experience

Salesforce offers two distinct user interfaces: the older Salesforce Classic UI and the new Lightning Experience UI. For the moment, they exist side by side, allowing businesses to use one or the other. That said, new features are only being developed and released for the new UI. This raises questions for users, particularly regarding the costs and consequences of switching to the new user interface.

In response, we’ve developed assets that let us analyze your company’s environment and create a clear picture of the steps you’ll need to take to transition to the Lightning Experience UI. The process is quick and comprehensive, giving you deep insights into the costs of your eventual transition.

Monitoring new releases and security updates

Salesforce pushes new releases to its production environment three times a year. This ensures that all users are working with the same version, regardless of their industry. Preview versions of these new builds are made available in sandbox environments several months in advance, allowing businesses to test them before they are released. In addition to these major updates, Salesforce also releases smaller security updates throughout the year.

Salesforce support Center of Excellence - Woman monitoring and analyzing data - by Accenture

Although these updates are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, they can nonetheless have an impact on your Salesforce implementation. That’s why our Center of Excellence keeps track of every new update, allowing us to identify and address potential issues proactively so you’ll never have to worry about anything.

Handling data fixes and optimizations

Keeping your Salesforce database as compact as possible has its benefits. Data storage isn’t free, after all. This is especially relevant for SMEs, who often seek to maximize the cost-benefit ratio of their Salesforce solutions. Our team can help you with that by providing a wide range of data fixes and optimizations. We can help determine whether it’s wise to clean up your data, establish an optimal back-up scheme and increase the overall efficiency of your data storage, among other interventions.

Providing in-depth technical support

Our ability to provide expert technical assistance at any scale is one of the Heerlen CoE’s greatest advantages. We have both the experience and technical knowledge necessary to support every facet of your Salesforce implementation, whether you need to solve an interface issue or want to implement new solutions alongside your existing Salesforce suite. We’ll always make sure you get the outcome you require; no challenge is too complex for our team to handle.

Salesforce support Center of Excellence - Person solving complex tasks - by Accenture

Fast-Lane Greenfield Implementations for SMEs

In addition to providing dedicated maintenance and support, our Center of Excellence in Heerlen also allows SMEs to implement a wide range of Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, Pardot, Community Cloud and Einstein on incredibly short time frames. Thanks to our unique Fast-Lane Greenfield Implementation process, we can fully realize fixed-scope projects within as little as ten business days.

We can fully realize fixed-scope projects within as little as ten business days.

This approach lets us specify key deliverables beforehand with complete accuracy, while also enabling us to quote you an accurate price. What’s more, our capacity-based business model means we can get started on the implementation process almost immediately after receiving a green light. And as is the case with our maintenance and support services, you’ll gain access to the full breadth of Accenture’s extensive Salesforce expertise at exceptionally competitive rates.

You’ll gain access to the full breadth of our extensive Salesforce expertise at exceptionally competitive rates.

What sets our services apart?

The Salesforce Center of Excellence in Heerlen offers a depth and breadth of expertise that is unique in the Netherlands. But our ability to provide any organization with comprehensive service levels and full-service support at competitive prices is only one of the factors that set us apart.

Salesforce support Center of Excellence - Bearded man showing excellence - by Accenture

1. Capacity-based service model

As a client at our Center of Excellence, you purchase only the capacity that your business needs – and are subsequently free to decide how you use it. Whether you need our help solving incidents, making changes to your Salesforce implementation, handling data fixes or hosting training sessions, our team will always do exactly what you need them to do for exactly as long as you need them to do it.

Our team will always do exactly what you need them to do for exactly as long as you need them to do it.

2. Clear service level agreements

Getting in touch with our team is easy. There are three channels you can use: either contact us by phone, send us an e-mail or log your case directly via the Salesforce community’s self-service portal. Once we receive your case, we’ll get to work. And to make sure you’ll always know exactly when you’ll be able to expect results, we will establish a clear Service Level Agreement with you beforehand.

3. Truly local support staff

Our team is based in the Netherlands and fluent in both Dutch and English. That makes our services more accessible from a local point of view, especially for SMEs who value short lines of communication. What’s more, the fact that we are based in Heerlen makes it possible for us to provide direct on-site support if necessary – anywhere in the Netherlands.

Salesforce support Center of Excellence - Person solving complex tasks - by Accenture

An optimized solution for all your Salesforce challenges

Are you looking for a centralized team of Salesforce experts who are capable of providing in-depth technical support, including services like incident fixing, change implementation, problem analysis, environment maintenance and health checks, staff training, and software testing? Do you need a support service that can be scaled and tailored to deliver exactly what your business needs, when you need it?

The Salesforce Center of Excellence in Heerlen is here to assist your business with any Salesforce-related questions, issues and wishes you might encounter. We aim to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges inherent in implementing, maintaining and optimizing Salesforce for your day-to-day operations. Whether you are looking for the fastest possible way to start working with the platform or need help making the most of your Salesforce implementation, our team is here for you.