'How the Life Sciences industry uses technology is nothing short of incredible'

William de Waard, managing director of the Life Sciences business group at Accenture the Netherlands, hopes to be a driving force for change in this industry. ‘As a father of three young kids, I have to think about their future health. Knowing I can have an impact in this area is important to me.’

Few industries are as dynamic and rapidly evolving as the Life Sciences field. Encompassing healthcare organizations, medical technology companies and science institutes, this is an industry that, more than most others, is set to have a huge, lasting impact on our future. Find out what William loves about the Life Sciences industry.

‘My middle son, Carsten, was born three months prematurely. So, naturally, we as parents had to deal with a lot of medical misery. I understand that human errors are a fact of life, but, I must admit, I was taken aback by the fact that we didn’t always get the right information at the right time. I was also surprised that we had to tell the same story about our son over and over again to different healthcare providers. Luckily our boy, Carsten, came through just fine and grew up to be healthy and strong.’

‘Sadly, though, we had to go through a similar ordeal when he was diagnosed with epilepsy a few years ago. I know that reading stuff on the Internet often does more harm than good, but I did some online research and I found not one positive review about the drug he had been prescribed. After having to deal with an aggressive, unhappy child for some time, we went back to the doctor, who then prescribed different pills. It made a world of difference. I won’t lie, though, I still cannot get my head around the idea that the most commonly used anti-epileptic drugs possibly aren’t the most effective. How much better would it be if we had access to personalized medication that could be tailored to patients' problems?’ 

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Author: Inge Abraham