Key insights from the Salesforce World Tour in Amsterdam

It was the 14th of April, day of the Salesforce World Tour. I could barely sleep with excitement the previous night. It felt like I had only just closed my eyes when the alarm went off at 6:00. 
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With Accenture being a diamond sponsor of the event, the last couple of weeks me and my colleagues had been very busy preparing for the Salesforce World Tour which would take place at Amsterdam RAI. In the days leading up to the event, there was a lot of excitement and we all put in some hard work to get everything done.

The Salesforce World Tour is the place to be to hear the latest success stories, to network and to learn from the best speakers and the best Salesforce-skilled people. For us, it also provided an opportunity to kick off the collaboration right with our new colleagues from CRMWaypoint as our booths were next to each other.

Speed Over Agility

The event kicked off with a pre-keynote. Ton Van der Meer, founder of CRMWaypoint, was interviewed about Accenture and CRMWaypoint coming together and Accenture’s Cloud First Agenda. He explained that the demand for cloud based solutions is increasing and Accenture is helping its clients to move to the cloud with their cloud service offerings. He went on to say how Accenture the Netherlands is set to make a difference with more than 100 Salesforce consultants. Speed is more important than being agile and with the added business value, that is exactly what we can deliver with our projects. For example, Accenture has invested in a strategic partnership with the Industry Cloud Apps vendor Vlocity. This provides the benefit of cloud-based solutions together with an industry-specific experience.

Age of the Customer

Mark Hawkins, CFO of Salesforce, presented his keynote with the key message of Embracing the Age of Customer. Accenture’s Cloud First Agenda starts from home. The world is changing quickly and there is a need to help clients through this huge acceleration of pace. Therefore, Accenture needed to transform their own sales team and they did it by implementing Manage mySales. The tool provides a one-stop-shop solution which delivers all sales needs via a single platform - It is an application which all client-facing employees of Accenture can use anytime, anywhere to support clients. By looking at the data, playing with it and looking at the future from different perspectives, sales leaders can develop insights quickly and deliver them to clients faster.

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How Banks Can Optimize Self-Service & Customer Experience

In the afternoon, Tanner Shamrock, one of our Accenture UK colleagues, presented a Partner Theater session on how Accenture helps banks optimize self-service and provide a better customer experience.

Tanner presented the Accenture Full Force Certified Banking Solution, which provides:

  • Customer 360 views to consolidate data in an intelligent, actionable manner from multiple data sources and distribution channels.
  • Standardized banking processes, such as Lead & Referral, Pipeline Management, Forecasting, as well as Accountability/Activity Management.
  • Series of accelerators to bring value much quicker during an implementation, introducing reference architectures, data models, user stories, reusable code.

The solution has been Full Force Certified by as a proven solution for the market. Accenture has helped clients in modernizing their contact centres, standardizing their sales processes across multiple lines of business like retail banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, and lending.

Industry-Specific Customer Experience Solutions

Later that day, I attended a breakout session by another Accenture colleague, Surita Bhanot. She opened her talk with a story about her father who loves to shop online for best deals while listening to Bollywood songs on his iPad; a true Connected Consumer that is constantly online and connected to a device. These days, customers have all the information they need about a product at their fingertips. That’s why companies need technology to help them sell more and provide better customer experience. How that works? By targeting the consumer with a digital footprint.

Latest technologies like mobile, social, Internet of Things and Data Science are forcing companies to re-invent themselves in order to stay relevant to their customer. The idea is to make use of customer relationship management capabilities of Salesforce and complement that with consumer goods industry-specific knowledge and software assets from Accenture. To realize this vision, Accenture is working with CAS Software Suite on Salesforce. The CAS solution is moved to the cloud in order to combine the suite of customer management and mobility software of Accenture CAS with the built-in mobile, social and analytics capabilities of Salesforce platform. This helps consumer goods companies transform their front office using digital capabilities and hence increase engagement and generate profitable growth. World Tour in Amsterdam with Accenture Cloud First

The Biggest Business Value

At the end of the afternoon, I was back at the booth to give information to prospective clients and potential recruits. The day was a great opportunity to meet existing and potential clients too. Later, it was time to click some pictures with Salesforce SaaSy and join others in the Salesforce world for a drink. It was tiring yet a fantastic day.

I learned that different organizations are using Salesforce with a goal to get closer to their customers. Accenture is helping companies realize this goal and delivering the biggest business value: speed!

See You Next Year at the Salesforce World Tour!

Author: Accenture the Netherlands