'If there’s anyone I felt the need to prove myself to, it was me.'

Shruti’s dad always made it very clear to her and her younger sister that they could be anything they wanted to be. In traditional Indian society, women have different roles and are expected to remain in them. Besides self-confidence, it also left Shruti Pathania, Test Engineering Associate Manager, with a powerful urge to prove herself. The past two years have been riddled with burnout, panic attacks, and anxiety. ‘If there’s anyone I felt the need to prove myself to, it was me.’

‘My dad always told my sister and me that we are capable of achieving anything. Unfortunately, in Indian society there was, and still is, a difference in how men and women are judged. Aside from the fact that in certain areas it’s just not safe for women to move around on their own, there’s also the general public’s perception that the people who make the real difference - CEOs, inventors - are generally men. When a woman does something remarkable, that is portrayed as a “miraculous exception”. Women working as teachers, doctors or in arts; that’s all fine and accepted, but we’re not necessarily encouraged to shoot for a career in engineering, science or research. My dad, however, always pushed us to be ambitious, and told us to reach for the stars. And so I did.’

‘Somewhere during high school, my fascination with technology was sparked - the fact that it was ever-changing and evolving was very exciting to me. Towards the end of the graduate program, many established companies visited the campus to showcase who they are and what they do. Accenture was one of the companies I interviewed with. To me, the fact that Accenture was widely recognized as a great place to work for women was definitely one of the main reasons I chose to sign with them. That, and the traveling opportunities.’

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Author: Inge Abraham