Making a difference for NGOs with Salesforce for Nonprofits

Our mission is to improve the way the world works and lives. That’s not just a hollow phrase: we bring innovation and support to non-profit organizations and social enterprises because we understand the importance of taking our responsibility to help create a more sustainable and better world for all of us.

While we have a broad range of clients in all kinds of sizes, industries and countries, we take great pride in the work we do for NGOs. Not because we see it as a great PR opportunity, but because doing good is in our DNA

By teaming up with Salesforce, we offered the Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) pro bono consultation to identify ways of advancing their mission of carrying out one of the largest reforestation projects on the planet. As part of our continuous support, we recently upgraded their Salesforce user interface to Lightning Experience. By doing so, we jointly opened the door to better the engagement with BJF’s donors and supporters as well as gaining better insights on marketing and growth strategies.

What is the Black Jaguar Foundation and how are they making a difference?

The Black Jaguar Foundation is an organization with one clear mission: replant indigenous trees along a 2,600 km long and 40 km wide biodiversity corridor in the heart of Brazil, called the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, restoring the natural ecosystem and securing the precarious future of the endangered species that call the Amazon and Cerrado Savana their home.

NGOs with Salesforce - Black Jaguar Foundation - Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor- by Accenture

The Black Jaguar Foundation is more than just your typical NGO. Their mission contributes to a more sustainable future, as it creates a better environment for generations to come. These affected ecosystems alone produce 20 percent of the world’s oxygen, 30 percent of the world’s clean water and 25 percent of the ingredients for all the worlds’ modern medicine. In addition, restoring this forestland on such a massive scale effectively fights climate change thanks to the large amounts of CO2 that trees absorb as they grow, thus supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

It is without a doubt that the Black Jaguar Foundation was built around an ambitious and worthwhile mission. But how do you take this vision and make it a reality? Being a non-profit and fully dependent on the support of sponsors and donors, how can this global effort be organized and executed on a large scale? The answer is simple: by partnering with Salesforce and Accenture. 

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The power of Salesforce for nonprofit organizations

Once the Black Jaguar Foundation realized they needed a cloud-based system accessible anywhere in the world, they reached out to Salesforce—the global market leader in CRM. This powerful tool is a user-friendly and fully customizable solution that can transform businesses both big and small. Moreover, Salesforce’s philanthropic model to empower nonprofits helped the Black Jaguar Foundation to opt for Salesforce.’s Nonprofit Cloud made implementing this tool more accessible for the Black Jaguar Foundation by offering their technology at a discount. This included benefits like donated licenses and the ability to track fundraising goals and past donations. The average benefits of Salesforce’s nonprofit solution include a 49 percent faster response to constituents, 24 percent more donor retention, and a 32 percent reduction service and support costs.

By sitting down with the Black Jaguar Foundation and discussing their unique needs and how Salesforce can contribute to their overall mission, we tailored the CRM solution to meet their objectives. Without the funds to hire a dedicated Salesforce consultant, we were able to fill that gap in both implementation and continued IT support. Not surprisingly, the BJF organization is now able to autonomously operate their Salesforce system and use this powerful tool to its full potential. 

How Salesforce helped the Black Jaguar Foundation scale more efficiently and engage new donors

By establishing a 360-degree view of their contacts, donors and sponsors worldwide, Salesforce made it possible for the Black Jaguar Foundation team to expand their organization internationally and allow them to build better funding strategies with tools to track and measure their efforts. 

Salesforce Lightning - Salesforce Nonprofit - Black Jaguar Foundation - by Accenture

As the Black Jaguar Foundation wraps up their preparation phase and moves into their fundraising phase, they are empowered by Salesforce and Accenture to move forward. Salesforce allows them to grow in their engagement by consolidating all of their contributors and donors in one place, accessible to everyone in the company wherever they are in the world. In the words of founder Ben Valks

We would definitely recommend Salesforce to all non-profits, because it is reliable, you can customize it to your own needs, whether you are a huge or small foundation.

With this system, they’ve gained a better insight to their donor base and are able to make smarter marketing and growth decisions. The easy to use software means that teams can collaborate and combine information, breaking down data silos and working more efficiently to their end goal.

In the coming year, they aim to add all non-cash contributions to the system and track the value of all donated time and goods from companies and individuals alike. In short, we’ve implemented a powerful CRM solution for BJF’s needs, combining three forces to boost the international fundraising efforts of one of the largest reforestation projects in the world. Now that’s what we call a win-win-win. 

Salesforce and Black Jaguar Foundation - Planting trees - Accenture

Sharing our skills to help others succeed

As the number one implementation partner of Salesforce, we also support an increasing number of NGOs. In our backing of the Black Jaguar Foundation, we have used the same methodologies as we do in our other large-scale projects. By doing so, we’re supporting the Black Jaguar Foundation in their growth, enabling them to better organize their current and potential donor base, to scale more effectively.

We all have the power to change - Black Jaguar Foundation.

We are passionate about our role as corporate citizens. For this reason, we have set up programs aimed at using our combined skills to make a positive impact: 

  • Through our Do Good platform, employees are given the chance to use their time, skills, network and crowdfunding money to help nonprofit organizations like the Black Jaguar Foundation. In partnership with GoodUp, the Do Good platform is used to set up pro bono, volunteering, or crowdfunding projects with the aim at helping others succeed.
  • With the help of our Skills to Succeed program, we have strong relationships with various non-profit partners to achieve a greater impact on society. This program draws on two of our core capabilities of training talent and building partnerships to achieve tangible, measurable results. By mobilizing our people, partners, and clients we strive to make measurable and sustainable difference in our communities and around the world.
Improving the way the world works and lives - Accenture

We offer a unique path for NGOs to make their services more approachable and accessible. This begins with an assessment to analyze improvements that need to be made within the organization. These improvements can then be implemented at a competitive rate and with continued support provided on a capacity-based service model through our Center for Excellence.

Are you interested in what we can offer your NGO? Contact the author to discuss a free analysis of your organization and a competitive project rate. 

Authors: Jean-Paul Lefeu Rolf Kramer