Supercharge your marketing with smarter work management

Digital transformation is rapidly raising the stakes for marketing professionals. In an increasingly saturated online economy, staying ahead of the pack is a formidable challenge. To deliver quality and distinguish your brand from the noise, you will have to work smarter – not harder.


Our world is becoming more dynamic and connected by the second. We are producing and consuming content at lightning speeds, blasting an endlessly growing stream of data across the digital landscape. Every minute, we upload hundreds of hours of video, thousands of blog articles and millions of social media posts. Traditional marketing methods simply cannot keep up with this onslaught. For marketing professionals, content shock is as real and undeniable as it is for their target audiences.

Content shock is as real and undeniable as it is for your target audiences

To meet the demands of this hyper-competitive era, digital marketers must always be on their toes, combining laser-sharp focus with standout creativity. The reality, however, is often quite different: the average marketing professional spends only 44 percent of their time on the work they were hired to do. Making matters worse, 60 percent of creatives report being forced to abandon great ideas during the past year because they didn’t have the time to pursue them. 87 percent of B2B marketers struggle to create content that resonates with potential clients. Meanwhile, 39 percent don’t believe their organization’s marketing strategy is effective.

These are serious challenges that deserve your full attention. More than ever, your opportunities as a business are determined by how you are perceived – and those perceptions can shift quickly. If your marketing department is ill-equipped to handle the mounting pressure of today’s competitive climate, their delivery times and quality of work are likely to suffer. This can have a devastating impact on your brand value and reputation. After all, your ability to seize opportunities and achieve ROI depends on your ability to deliver effective campaigns on time. And to do so consistently, you need the right tools.

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Three Essential Tips to Make Your Marketing Teams More Efficient

Captivating your audience and convincing potential customers means getting your message across quickly and consistently. But in today’s fast-paced world, that’s easier said than done. Marketing teams rarely have access to unified solutions that support their daily workflows from inception to delivery. Instead, key processes are often sequestered in siloes or altogether unsupported, creating impossible workloads that detract from the creative process and force your talent into checkbox-based thinking.

The solution is to work smarter, not harder. Working smarter means modernizing your marketing tools and transforming how you work so that your talent can get more things done with less busywork. Smarter marketing work management will not only help you regain your efficiency – it will rekindle the passion and creativity you need to set your organization apart from the pack.

Supercharge Your Marketing with Smarter Work Management - Work Smarter Not Harder - by Accenture

1. Be Wise, Standardize

Standardizing your work methods and approaching projects and collaborations consistently will greatly improve your ability to meet deadlines and deliver quality. Clearly establish roles and constraints to ensure your talent knows what to do and when to do it. Determine solid KPIs and streamline approval processes to eliminate confusion and lost time. Use a digital proofing tool to enable full transparency and implement a resource management solution that provides real-time insights into active projects.

2. Reclaim Precious Time for Creativity

Time is like money: you can only spend it once. If your marketers are bogged down by meetings and overhead, they won’t have time to be creative. Standardization is one part of the answer. The clarity it provides will help cut back on uncertainty, freeing your talent to do what they do best. Eliminating unnecessary status update meetings and e-mails is the second step. More than 60 percent of marketers agree that rampant e-mails and meetings hurt their productivity. Do them a favor and dial those back a bit.

3. Win the Race against Your Deadlines

Even the best idea is useless if you can’t get it out there on time. Decreasing time-to-market and boosting on-time delivery should be a top priority. Establishing an end-to-end workflow is the best way to achieve both goals. Creative ideas should be documented and prioritized systematically. This helps your teams make informed decisions while ensuring great ideas are never lost. Similarly, developing workflow templates and adopting tools for real-time collaboration will help save time and break siloes. Best practices and lessons learned will always be on hand and everybody will be on the same page.

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Revolutionizing End-To-End Marketing Optimization

Optimizing end-to-end customer journeys and guiding digital marketing transformations should also be part of your DNA. Serving as a great extension to our approach, Workfront has an infinitely scalable platform that helps marketing professionals focus on their creative skills and greatly enhance their productivity.

Combining these capabilities gives us the power to completely transform marketing organizations and equip businesses with the tools, perspectives and practices they need to succeed in tomorrow’s world. This ambition is the driving force behind our partnership: a joint commitment to change the face of marketing and help businesses unlock the full potential of their teams.

For a tech giant in social media, implementing marketing resource management led to greater visibility across teams into marketing campaigns. The new MRM solution supports three distinct global marketing teams with 1,000 users, accelerating the end-to-end marketing process. In another case, we helped a global media powerhouse implement marketing resource management and integrate it with their digital asset management solution. This improved efficiency, accelerated marketing processes and greatly enhanced the organization’s ability to measure and optimize operational marketing performance.

These are just a few examples of the results smarter marketing work management solutions can achieve. Our experience has shown that end-to-end marketing optimization can achieve significant returns, boosting efficiency by up to 50 percent and increasing compliance with corporate processes and guidelines by a factor of five. In addition, it facilitates better governance standards and improved brand management, helping minimize risks to your company’s reputation.

Supercharge Your Marketing with Smarter Work Management - Work Smarter Not Harder - by Accenture

Work Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to streamlining tasks, marketing teams have no shortage of tools to choose from. In the past years, the ‘martech stack’ has grown exponentially – from 1,000 software solutions in 2014 to over 7,000 in 2018. This proliferation shows no sign of stopping. The future is certain to bring a dizzying array of innovative solutions and possibilities we can scarcely imagine.

In the end, however, marketing professionals need practical solutions that integrate seamlessly with each other. Relying on dozens of different standalone marketing systems will invariably lead to wasted time and effort, fostering workflows that favor output over creativity. This would not only run the risk of decreasing effectiveness and ROI – it would risk missing the point of marketing entirely.

Talented digital marketers aren’t drawn to the profession by the promise of endless meetings, e-mails and tooling roadblocks. They’re in it for the inspiration, for the opportunity to engage with new audiences and tackle new creative challenges. And ultimately, that’s what consumers want as well. Your uniqueness is what distinguishes you from your competitors and that uniqueness runs on creative energy. Working smarter will allow those energies to flow freely, giving your talent room to shine and win the hearts and minds of new clients.

Author: Mehmet Olmez