Axel Haenen is a Technology Consultant at Accenture’s Technology Advisory – Financial Services Group. He possesses a master’s degree in Innovation Management from Eindhoven University of Technology. Since his graduation project at Accenture, Axel has developed a passion for Robotics, Intelligent Automation, and Artificial Intelligence.

With a keen interest in the way in which new technologies are disrupting today’s financial institutions, Axel gets energized by acting professionally on the edge between business and technology. In this light, Axel held different roles at various Intelligent Automation projects at Dutch banks and has published several articles on the subject matter.

Axel has a multicultural and cross-functional background and is eager to get to know different people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. If you want to know more about Axel and/or Robotics, Intelligent Automation or Artificial Intelligence, feel free to reach out!

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