Féline is a creative mind with a technical background driven by (social) impact and innovation. After her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, she successfully pursued a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering to drive for innovation within the medical industry. This industry appeals to her mainly driven by the continuous technological developments in this rapidly changing sector and the opportunity to create social impact. Within Accenture, she has taken this innovative mind-set to the next level, working on innovation and technology related projects that enable one to immediately witness substantial effect. 

Féline aspires to bridge the gap between different environments. As part of her studies she lived in both Medellin, Colombia and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she increased her enthusiasm to connect to a range of cultures. Within Accenture, she enjoys bringing the world of start-ups and corporates together and initiating, designing and executing new ventures and partnerships. Through these connections, she firmly believes that large firms can transform from the outside-in, as she believes co-creation is crucial within innovation with a long-term impact. She aims to create significant value for clients, accelerating the digital transformation of their large organizations through creative and entrepreneurial thinking.

Focus domains:

  • Open & Social Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Venturing and Partnerships
  • Design Engineering
  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Technology and Startup Scouting

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