Genoveva is an Application Development Associate within the Intelligent Automation division of Accenture the Netherlands.  Since joining in October 2018, she has been involved in various projects for international clients.  

She is passionate about automation technology’s potential to provide value and optimize business processes.  Her interests go beyond technical implementations–into how modern technology is shaping the workplace and the resultant new ways of working. To pursue this interest, she studied topics like organizational behavior, job/work design, leadership, human performance, and human factors.

Genoveva holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Heidelberg University and a master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology from Maastricht University. 

To combine her knowledge from the work and organizational psychology field with current technological developments, she is investigating various topics such as how automation is changing the workforce, including their tasks, attitudes towards and perceptions of their work, and the impact of automation on human capital and talent management.

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