With over 11 years of experience in digital marketing and social media strategies, Lennart Sloof, the Digital Marketing Manager at Accenture the Netherlands, has acquired extensive insight in positioning B2B thought leadership to drive client engagement and generate business leads.  

He facilitates Accenture’s digital journey by improving online visibility to create offline impact by fine-tuning the interrelationship between people, content, tools and search engines.

As a digital marketing expert, Lennart Sloof leads the Accenture NL Marketing & Communications team in strengthening Accenture the Netherlands's online presence and digital marketing strategy. To do this, Lennart has designed and launched Accenture's first B2B thought leadership website, Accenture Insights. This platform is dedicated to creating meaningful content that adds value to local B2B customers, opening doors to new business opportunities and even recruits. This content strategy is based on a corporate storytelling framework that promotes engagement and loyalty.

Armed with a deep understanding of buyer journeys and the B2B research process, Lennart leads the team that produces content that addresses very specific issues clients are struggling with. This is to steer away from the 'positioning' and 'awareness' stages of the customer journey, and rather towards delivering Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Next to this content strategy, Lennart is also responsible for all corporate social media channels. As he strongly believes in an omnichannel approach, he focuses on creating a powerful personal brand for all employees by increasing the adoption of social media as a business tool. This effectively turns every Accenture colleague into an online brand ambassador.

Lennart's expertise lies in:

  • Search Engine Optimization for CMS and content
  • B2B marketing strategies
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Social media, video and event marketing campaigns
  • Implementation of social selling processes in corporate environments.

Aside from setting our first steps with marketing automation, Lennart is the initiator of a social selling coaching program to be rolled out into our organization. He has personally trained over 950 colleagues during hands-on workshops on how to use LinkedIn for personal branding and sales.

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