Martijn van der Meijden is a managing director at Accenture Digital, with more than 20 years of experience in working with clients across Europe in Applied Intelligence (AI, Analytics and Automation). He is actively involved in the development and delivery of new applications of analytics and (big) data-analysis. Martijn is frequently asked for lectures about (big) data in externally organized events, client sessions and guest lectures.

As a manager, he enjoys coaching and making clients and teams passionate about analytics solutions. Martijn offers added value to clients by choosing innovative analytics, focusing on co-creation with clients and making analytics programs and organizations successful.

Martijn leads the Digital Applied Intelligence team: a team of 60+ professionals focusing on:

  • Analytics strategy,
  • Advanced analytics,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • User-centric visual analytics,
  • Big data management, and
  • Integration.

Martijn has a proven track record of building businesses and analytics teams in several domains, such as commerce and finance, and in several industries. His near-term focus is on innovation and rotation to the New: digital transformations empowered by data and analytics and functional and regulatory consulting.

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