Merle Freeke is Innovation Consultant at Accenture Ventures in the Netherlands, specialized in open and social innovation.

She's dedicated to supporting large organizations in designing and executing a wide range of innovation initiatives. Complex multi-stakeholder trajectories with a social edge that involve co-creation, experimentation and creative facilitation are her favorite.

Her passion is to bring different worlds together and initiate valuable connections, both in personal and professional life. As an example, startup and technology scouting focusses on sourcing, matchmaking and co-development of new ventures, matching them with incumbent firms. This helps to create an innovative partnership, thereby accelerating innovation from the outside-in.

As part of her education background, Merle has studied at the University of California, Berkeley, to dive deep into different corporate innovation strategies. This program inspired her to rethink and reshape business assumptions and strategies related to innovation. She learned about business model innovation, open innovation strategies and the application of lean startup models in a corporate context. This knowledge includes insights into restructuring teams to inspire innovation, and aligning strategic and political factors with lean methodologies.

Focus domains: 

  • Open innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Venturing (how to bridge the gap between corporates and startups)
  • Lean startup
  • Technology and startup scouting
  • Service design
  • Creative facilitation

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