Nebahat In 't Veld is Principal Director at Accenture Interactive and the Digital Marketing Lead in the Netherlands. She's specialized in marketing and advanced analytics and helps organizations to have personalized, relevant interactions with their customers.

As a digital marketing lead, Nebahat is an evangelist of data-driven marketing. She has 25 years of experience in designing and implementing marketing and analytics capabilities. In various industries, she has developed and delivered programs focusing on creating customer intimacy that resulted in longer and deeper relationships with customers, while increasing lifetime profitability and loyalty.

Being a data scientist as well as an artist, Nebahat believes that marketing becomes a great form of art if it is data-driven. Among others, using artificial intelligence, machine learning in understanding customer behavior and needs, and how to change this behavior is an ultimate inspiration for her work.

Nebahat has been part of Accenture since 2013 and is one of the thought leaders who helped Accenture Interactive expand its footprint in the field of marketing. Currently, she is focusing on programmatic and advertising as part of Accenture’s 'end-to-end experience agency' capabilities.

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