Rolf Kramer is a sales director within the Accenture Salesforce practice. His goal is to build long-term partnerships and generate new Salesforce business within Accenture's Products industry. Next to Products, Rolf also supports colleagues in other industries like Financial Services, Utilities, Health, Public Services and Media.

Rolf started his career at Accenture in 2008, working as a Siebel consultant. He worked within Accenture's Siebel practice for almost seven years and fulfilled several roles, such as technical consultant, functional consultant, team lead and project manager. In 2015, Rolf decided to leave Accenture and he joined CRMWaypoint to focus on new IT like Salesforce. Only after a couple of months, CRMWaypoint was acquired by Accenture, moving him back to where he started his career. This time, he ended up in the Salesforce Business Group.  In the years that followed, he fulfilled many roles like Salesforce lead consultant, functional architect, pre-sales consultant and now as a sales director with substantive knowledge of the whole Salesforce platform.

Besides his deep knowledge of CRM and Salesforce, Rolf also has a broad understanding of several industries. Currently, his focus lies on Accenture's Products industry, but Rolf has also worked on projects in the Public Sector, Energy and Financial Services industries.

Rolf is a very inquisitive, energetic and motivated personality who can adapt easily to new environments. Because of that,  he's developed great judgment on different situations. Due to Rolf's technical background and activities for Accenture, he's bound to leave a footprint on multiple projects. Furthermore, Rolf's proud of his ability to build strong relationships/partnerships, which leads to him having a valuable network with great connections to clients, colleagues and vendors.

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