Rutger Hagendoorn is managing director within Accenture Netherlands’ Financial Services team, responsible for the insurance practice. He joined Accenture in 1998 and spent 8 years working on process improvement, systems integration and outsourcing in financial services, mostly international wholesale banks. In 2006, he joined Boer en Croon Corporate Strategy as a senior strategy consultant and one of the leaders of its financial services practice, before rejoining Accenture in 2012.

As an expert in the life and pensions market, Rutger is passionate about helping both financial institutions and communities prepare for and cope with the major transformations taking place in the life industry. Through his work in insurance and asset management, he aims to ensure both financial institutions and their customers are prepared for a secure and prosperous future. He strongly believes the current system will transform to an individual cocktail of healthcare, living and financial assets. 

Rutger works with insurance and pension companies in three ways: at a macro level to deal with political, regulatory and demographic change; at a technical level to update and evolve their legacy infrastructure; and at a customer level to help firms connect with people preparing for their retirement.

In particular, Rutger helps clients address complex issues in the field of customer excellence, operational excellence and product rationalization – setting a strategy, then bringing together the best team to make it happen.

He studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Management and Organization as specialization. He recently published a report on Client Satisfaction in the Pension Insurance Industry for Accenture. Rutger speaks fluent English and Dutch and, away from work, enjoys his family, running and field hockey.

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