Soeradj Raghunath is a Senior Manager/GIS Capability Lead/Sales Lead (GIS) at Accenture. Started his career in the GIS and Utility industry since 2000, Soeradj mainly focused on the utilization of GIS. In 2009, he shifted towards the role of Sales and Key Account management. Recently, he has been leading the GIS Capability for Technology Application Services within the Resources industry.

Talking about the GIS Capabilty, Soeradj believes that the project has been a huge success thanks to the “informal” culture and a closed ambiance that brings the desirable feeling of a small-size software firm. This stimulates teamwork and creates a strong connection within a close-knit team of motivated and skilled experts, who Soeradj holds his high regard in. With a varied set of skills ranging from Digital Asset Management, SCADA/DMS, ERP, and Data Management, Soeradj believes that his team will be able to achieve the steady growth and live up to the expectations they have. 

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