Accenture contributes to a more sustainable world

As of 2012, Accenture has calculated the emissions that have been produced by processes within the company. Because of the ongoing discussion of climate change, Accenture has been conscious of the emissions that have contributed to it and has taken responsibility to ensure that its business activities and products are conducted in a sustainable and responsible manner.

CO2-Footprint 2018

Every half year Accenture has gained insight in the CO2-emissions within Europe and has taken measures to reduce emissions as much as possible. The calculation of the CO2-emissions of 2018 is shown below. The emissions in 2018 were 16.643,40 ton CO2. This consisted of 8.154,8 tonnes in scope 1 and 8.488,5 tonnes in scope 2. In the footprint and illustration down below you can find and overview for FY2018.

Progress CO2-reduction scope 1 & 2

Accenture aims to reduce the CO2 emissions in 2020 with at least 50% compared to 2013. The following graph shows the CO2 reduction progress related to ground kilometers of the total scope 1 and 2 emissions have decreased and are on target for the 2020 objective.

Update CO2-emissions SAP project ProRail

Accenture is implementing a SAP software system for ProRail. The project has a duration of 7 years, started in 2016 and will end in 2021. The CO2-performance ladder was part of the tender and therefore Accenture keeps track of the CO2-emissions till completion of the project. Below the CO2-footprint of this project for fiscal year 2018 is presented.

Progress scope 3 emissions

Accenture yearly makes an inventory of the scope 3 emissions. The following emissions are in order for fiscal year 2018:

1. Purchased goods and services 15.475  ton CO2
2. Employee commuting 6.693  ton CO2
3. Waste generated in operations 13  ton CO2
4. Fuel- and energy related activities (water)  2 ton CO2

In previous communication we mentioned that we aim to reduce the commuter travel of our employees, or at least persuade our employees to use other forms of mobility like public transport or even our car sharing app Toogethr. That is why we have formulated the following goals:

  1. 40% less CO2-emissions from commuter travel in FY2019 compared to 2016.
  2. Reduce CO2-emissions with 2000 kg CO2 per year with the Toogethr application by Fy2019 within and 10.000 kg CO2 total

On the other hand we want to reduce our waste from our operations at ITO to zero in 2030. This is a goal the Green Business Club Zuidas is collaborating in.

CO2-action plan

Individual contribution

CO2-emissions can be influence by individual players within Accenture. Ideas for new reduction measures can be shared with the Workplace Environment.