On the 10th of October, in the city of start-ups, design, laptop-filled cafes and pop-up everything, Rozemarijn de Koomen was asked to share her experience on global ecommerce rollout at E-day Next Gen. The event was located at Hotel de Goudfazant with a real casual atmosphere surrounded with a cool industrial interior.

When I arrived at the event, I noticed the scenery was packed with ambitious talents from various studies. Around 10 o’clock, everyone was taking their seats in the main stage and pumped up to hear about the experiences and expertise of a Business Analyst at Accenture Interactive.  At exactly 10.10 the presenter, Kristian Esser, took the stage and introduced Rozemarijn, asking her a few questions before he gave the floor to her.

Rozemarijn gave a really good and clear insight into her work as a Business Analyst and explained the different aspects and challenges she has to pass. She also mentioned some fun facts like the amount of hotel stays and team events. I noticed students were taking notes, also asking relevant questions in the Q&A. After the presentation, Kristian asked how Accenture always keep the customer on the webshop in mind when building the functionality, and also how Accenture’s account for everyone using their mobile phones nowadays. Clearly, the presentation really interested the students and other participants seeing their questions and enthusiasm.

After the session I spoke to Rozemarijn about her experience: ‘I was quite nervous because it was the first time to share my professional experience outside Accenture/Client context.  There were young ambitious people in the audience, asking questions and taking notes. Some questions they had were about why we picked Hybris as an ecommerce platform (for one client) and how we make sure we innovate the webshops for our clients – that was really nice. Afterwards I was able to talk to a couple of enthusiastic young professionals, who were in ecommerce and in online advertising.’

All in all the E-day  Next Gen event was a great set-up for new digital talents to explore and experience the work within this area. The presentation gave a good understanding and insight into the different activities a Business Analyst has to do and more important; how much fun it is.