“What are the challenges and key success factors in the Omnichannel Commerce landscape of 2025?” This is the main question discussed by the expert panel facilitated by Accenture Interactive at the Webwinkel Vakdagen. The panel consisted of Maarten Timmerman-Zubani and Eefje Vogels, both experts in designing and creating omnichannel customer experiences. With Tu Ngo as host, Maarten and Eefje elaborated on how customer data can be used to successfully implement an omnichannel strategy and where companies currently spent the most effort to enhance their omnichannel experience.

Expert panel

Maarten and Eefje were also involved in the expert group that published the Bluepaper for ShoppingTomorrow, with a striking conclusion: the current omnichannel customer experience is not seamless, an omnichannel experience really starts with a customer-centric vision in a continuously innovating company and needs a technical and scalable foundation where data is centrally available.

Besides facilitating the expert panel, Tu and Matthijs visited the exhibition floor. They attended keynotes to meet and share insights with other E-Commerce professionals about personalized advertising based on AI and delivering E-Commerce platforms to enable optimized customer experiences. Visiting the Webwinkel Vakdagen was interesting and fruitful, see you there next year!

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