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The 18th of June Accenture Interactive and Security, in collaboration with Baker McKenzie, hosted the first expert session of our theme ‘Next level E-commerce with Responsible AI’. In the Rotterdam Science Tower, experts shared their knowledge and experiences regarding the role of AI in optimizing the customer experience. Using examples from their own businesses and experience, a definition of a relevant customer experience is defined. According to the group, a relevant customer experience should be transparent, personalized, authentic and exceed expectations. Moreover, companies can only achieve a relevant customer experience when they have a pro-active approach to customers and continuously listen to the demands of the customer and can act based on customer demands. 

After an inspirational introduction about best practices in AI, the experts discussed in small groups how AI can be leveraged in E-Commerce to create a relevant customer experience. To leverage AI, all components of AI; sense, comprehend, act and learn, are needed to create a human-like interaction with the customer. Especially in the context of E-Commerce, AI can be used to recognize patterns in vast amounts of data to improve personalization in an omnichannel landscape. 

Experts agreed on what a relevant customer experience is and how AI can support in creating this experience. On the contrary, there was no common ground to what extent customers are willing to share data and what they want in return for their data. Especially there where various views on the statement that customers are willing to share all their data, if you offer them enough in return. While everyone agreed that customers want to share more data when they are happy with the service you offer to them.

The next session will continue with discussions on how to highlight the benefits for sharing data to the customers, to showcase current initiatives to be GDPR-compliant and to what extent privacy regulations limit using AI in commerce. 

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