Accenture Interactive helps clients create end-to-end solutions to achieve the best customer experiences, across the entire customer journey. We help our clients increase sales, engagement and loyalty by providing them with a 360-degree view of their customers and delivering them the best experiences.

At our Amsterdam based office, we focus on digital strategy, design, development and execution of digital experiences by implementing commerce, content and marketing solutions. Through these connected customer journey offerings, we create new ways to win.

Working in our team is:

  • • Fun - we as a team are 01, we find joy in working in projects as well as spending time together on our team events.

  • • Diverse - we are happy to work in a vibrant and diverse team with people of different ages, abilities, ethnicities, gender identities, religions and sexual orientations.

  • • Energetic - we are focused on our vision to become the best and largest Experience Agency at Building01 in Amsterdam. Here, we bring together the best of business consultancy, a creative agency and a technology powerhouse to be able to create the best customer expriences and help our client accelerate their digital transformation.

Are you curious about how your unique mix of skills could be applied at Accenture Interactive?


Hoe de CMO aankijkt tegen personalisatie

Er zijn van die controversiële onderwerpen waar iedereen wel een mening over heeft en waarvan we zeker weten dat de discussie misschien wel nooit beslecht zal worden. In marketing is de discussie over data en personalisatie er zo eentje. Wat er nu en in de toekomst mogelijk is op het gebied van personalisatie, maar vooral ook hoe wenselijk dat allemaal is; iedereen heeft er wel een mening over.


Next Level E-commerce with Responsible AI

8 oktober kwam de expertgroep Next Level E-commerce met Responsible AI opnieuw samen, deze keer om een toekomstvisie voor 2025 te schetsen. Accenture Interactive, tevens voorzitter van de expertgroep, stelde hun kantoor beschikbaar voor de meeting.


Accenture Interactive at Magento Live 2019

This year Accenture Interactive was present as a gold sponsor at MagentoLive Europe 2019. The event was hosted at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. At the event Accenture Interactive showcased their qualities in the field of experience driven commerce.



Meta-trend: Realigning the fundamentals. Every year, Fjord – Accenture Interactive’s design and innovation practice – crowdsources trends for the year ahead from its network of 1,200 people in 33 studios worldwide. With new studios opening in Japan and across Latin America, this year’s Fjord Trends are our most globally diverse.


Adobe CXM Space

At this event we were one of the experts and partners that showed how we deliver Customer Experience Management (CXM) at scale.

How to Use AI in E-commerce

Technological innovation is no longer optional: in an effort to optimize customer experiences and increase e-commerce results, we have become slaves to the algorithm. Fortunately, artificial intelligence opportunities abound and new technologies can be implemented relatively easily.

How Blockchain Technology Will Affect E-commerce

The blockchain revolution is poised to disrupt e-commerce, decentralizing control and cutting out the middlemen. Fortunately, this sea change in e-commerce will also offer incredible opportunities, making the exploration of blockchain technology both necessary and exciting.

Designing for Global eCommerce Rollouts

On the 10th of October, in the city of start-ups, design, laptop-filled cafes and pop-up everything, Rozemarijn de Koomen was asked to share her experience on global ecommerce rollout at E-day Next Gen.

BNR Moments That Matter podcast with Mehmet Olmez

In the second episode of the 'Moments That Matter' podcast series, Mehmet Olmez, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive Amsterdam and European Lead for Experience Platforms, explores the vital trends and developments within the e-commerce field.