On the 16th of January Accenture Interactive - Experience Platforms hosted the 2020 Milestone Awards. The main purpose of this celebrating event was to connect with our clients and celebrate our team work by highlighting milestones and handing out awards.

The evening started with a warm welcome from Mehmet Olmez, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive. He highlighted the importance of the close collaborations that we have with our clients. These relationships really make it possible to work together on creating greater customer experiences.

After that Thomas Mueller walked us through the recently published trends by FJORD. For all the seven trends that emerged from all over the world, he provided clear insights and examples of how they can be observed, and the opportunities that they bring for all our companies.

In the meantime dinner was served and we enjoyed a lovely meal at the George Marina in Amsterdam. This dinner was the perfect lead-up towards the main celebration of the evening: the Accenture Interactive Milestone Award. These awards were handed out to our clients as the celebration and encouragement of the great work that we achieve together.

We look forward to 2020!