"Digital commerce is not just a sales channel, but a crucial part of the company strategy to keep a personal customer relationship"

Mehmet Olmez, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive Amsterdam

The biggest shopping platforms are creating highly relevant product selections through usage of personal data and context, while new smart devices are trending to facilitate new purchasing channels. This can weaken brand and customer relationships in comparison to your own webshop or "brick and mortar" store. 

In this BNR and Accenture Interactive podcast "Moments That Matter" Mehmet Olmez, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive and European lead of Experience Platforms, outlines a future scenario and crucial E-commerce trends to watch. He makes use of most up-to-date market examples and gives great insights into how to stay in close contact with your customers.

Future-ready companies are placing the customer in the centre of attention. Regarding to Olmez, providing the best customer experience can be the biggest USP - your brand is your customer experience. A seamless integration of commerce channels, online and offline, is the way to go. 

Listen to this episode of our very own podcast and learn how to make company future-proof, based on concrete examples.


Next Level E-commerce with Responsible AI

The 18th of June Accenture Interactive and Security, in collaboration with Baker McKenzie, hosted the first expert session of our theme ‘Next level E-commerce with Responsible AI’. In the Rotterdam Science Tower, experts shared their knowledge and experiences regarding the role of AI in optimizing the customer experience.