How can Artificial Intelligence help to provide customers with a more relevant customer experience, while being compliant with the GDPR regulations and meet the expectations that your customers have?” This is the main question that was discussed during the presentation at the Webwinkel Vakdagen. Accenture Interactive and Baker McKenzie collaborated in the last Shopping Tomorrow year to host and facilitate several sessions with experts in the industry to find the answer to this question, and the results were presented the 29th of January.

The biggest conclusions from the group of experts: 

  • Start with your customer. What are their expectations about their customer experience and the role of AI. Use your customers’ feedback to identify pain points in the customer journey.
  • Based on the customer journey, determine where you can leverage AI and where you would like to be in contact with the customer yourselves.
  • Be innovative in the communication to the client. Communicate clearly about what will happen with the customers’ data and offer them a user-friendly opt-out.

All details can be found in the paper!