Every three months we come together at an external location for our quarterly Team Event. Last Friday it was time again for one of those events and we all got together at air hockey and arcade walhalla PUCK. Nothing like a good air hockey tournament with your competitive colleagues! :P

Before the fun could start we did a team update. Our lead Mehmet provided us with a general business update about all the projects we are currently doing and which ones are in the pipeline. Overall the team is doing well with high chargeabiltiy rates and we are growing quite fast. Mehmet mentioned the target to achieve a team growth of 50% by September 2019! 


Theo and Dirk gave a project update about the work they are doing at a Dutch Telco company. It was very cool to see how they designed and prototyped the voice control for their client's set top box. They created personas and used approaches like the Wizard of Oz test and Guerilla testing to see what functions users actually want to control by using their voice. 

To get the energy levels a bit higher after all this information we played a Kahoot quiz of fun facts about the people in our team. Who would have thought that Rahul is reigning axe throwing champion in The Hague… ;) 


The results of the team Retrospective that we did earlier were shared. Of course there is always things in a team that are to be improved, so now it is important that we follow up on those points that come forward from the input that we received from everyone. One of the main takeaways was that since we are now becoming such a big group, we can invest even more in specializing in more specific areas such as UX, Service Design, specific marketing and commerce platforms and technical architecture. 

Once we were done with the ‘official’ part, the arcade fun could begin! From dance dance dance to pinball to tetris to air hockey, we played it all…. And of course FOOD (and drinks)! Good to informally catch up with everyone and just have a good time together. A very successful Team Event once again! Theo thanks for organizing!!