A Leap Towards Sustainability: CO2 Performance Ladder

It’s no secret that the Earth is going through a climate change, caused by a number of factors. That’s a given. What isn’t is how we act upon it and tackle the growing issue.

In the modern world of today, the business sector carries the great weight of being accountable for its Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability. The environmental changes are evident and the time for “why’s” is overdue. The “what’s” and “how’s” are now on the table. Corporations on a global scale invest into having a 360° understanding of all variables, in order to make their contribution to undertake the sustainability challenge.

Proposal for Transformation

With all the talk about the greenhouse effect and the heat-trapping gases, why is CO2 in the center of attention? Produced through burning of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide lingers in the atmosphere, resulting in an increase of water vapor and the planet’s temperature, more than any other climate change driver.

Over the years, Accenture has been progressively working towards the long-term goal of reducing the CO2 emissions by 50% until the FY2020, in comparison to FY2014.

“Practice What We Preach”

As of 2017, Accenture reached level 5 CO2 certification. Providing biannual insights into its conscious performance, the company is ambitiously climbing up the CO2 Performance Ladder, a tool used to measure the reduction of carbon dioxide release.

Coen Krol, the Environmental Program lead at Accenture, believes that this is a solid step towards the overall CO2 emission reduction goal. Referring to the Tesla case, he exemplifies how the power of mobility and innovation can be combined with the ability of “being green”. Although the firm doesn’t directly contribute to the atmosphere pollution, it is very much aware of the high-level sustainability program significance. Using the emergent technologies as well as partnering up with other big players to combat and prevent the environmental damage is on the top of Accenture’s list of priorities.

Measures Taken

In the most recent report, Accenture boldly demonstrates what leading by example really means, accounting for the following initiatives taken:

  1. Purchasing an increasing amount of electric cars;
  2. Travel between Amsterdam and Paris performed solely by train;
  3. Development of car-ride sharing app;
  4. Raising sustainability awareness among clients and suppliers;
  5. Encouraging employees to travel collectively;
  6. Recycling waste.

So how can you make a difference? Start somewhere. Share your suggestions on individual environmental CO2 footprint with Coen Krol.


Accenture's CO2 Performance Ladder reports: FY18 part 1, FY17 part 2, FY17 part 1, FY16 part 2

Auteur: Accenture the Netherlands