Harald Timmer is a client account executive and managing director of Accenture the Netherlands’ Financial Services team. With extensive experience in management consulting, he thrives on solving clients’ challenges: listening, understanding, then orchestrating Accenture’s skills to achieve the desired results, nationally and internationally.

Over the years, Harald has amassed a strong track record in consulting. He was instrumental in a global sales transformation for one of the world’s leading technology companies, creating and delivering a new way of working (including a new platform) rolled out across over 100 countries and 15,000 employees. In the financial services industry, his work has included transforming both banking – and insurance companies from front office to back office and – on a broader level – helping clients embrace the opportunities of innovation and digital technology.

In an industry driven by technology and economics, he believes in taking a client-centric approach. He is passionate about sharing knowledge, working in teams and seeking out the most intelligent, tailored responses to new challenges. Also a keen blogger that published the book ‘What’s on the CSO’s mind?’. Exploring ten of the most pressing issues today’s decision makers face.

He holds an MBA from Edinburgh University and speaks English, Dutch, French and German.

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