Martijn van de Weerdt is a Technology Analyst for the Financial Services practice at Accenture the Netherlands. His expertise lies in RegTech, strategy, and blockchain. Especially the intersection of those three expertise areas are of particular interest to him.

Although blockchain is still a rather young technology, Martijn estimates that financial firms will be part of the top adopters benefiting the most of distributed technology. They’ll achieve this by incorporating the technology into cross-border payments, securities trading, and compliance. Financial firms are particularly assiduous filers of blockchain patents and the rush to patent blockchain technological innovations within financial services provides a glimpse of the technology’s revolutionary potential. How regulations will shape this innovation, and vice versa, is something that Martijn focuses on in Accenture’s RegTech tribe.

Distributed ledger technologies, however, will not only reshape the area of financial services but the entire economy as we know it, Martijn believes. Although the technique is notorious for the wild currency fluctuations of Bitcoin, its significance stretches further than most can imagine. Blockchain creates trust between people by means of trusting mathematics, code, and cryptography instead of a central authority, which has shaped the economy as we currently know it. Although the strategic implications of this technology are yet to be seen, Martijn will monitor it carefully and write about any interesting developments at the intersection of blockchain, strategy, and regulations.

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